I’ve been letting the chin hair grow 👹👹👹👹

Baeeeeee♥You’re arms are getting muscles and more muscles. You sa coote♡

Miley for V Magazine 2014



why are scene kids so mean

They’re still dealing with the death of MySpace. It was a hard blow.

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"I didn’t fall for the galaxies in your eyes or the softness of your skin, I fell for the universe inside you, I fell for how your sun burns to light up your moon, I fell for how your stars falls down following by a hundred of hopes and wishes, my love for you is more than just butterflies that spin in my stomach my love for you is more than just kisses of lust. my love for you is more like a hurricane of mixed up feelings and sleepless nights filled with smiles, tears, joy, laughter and everything you filled me with,
my love for you is more than just words."

if you’re having a bad day just think at least you’re not this girl…
Kill me now

I have finally got a head ache from this concussion, It hurts so bad. My head is just pounding and I have Nat and Gavin crying.
Not a good mixx.

"You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."


I’m going to start the dear jack foundation dark blue challenge. You have a friend hit you in the balls with an object and then donate 20 dollars. It’s called the dark blue challenge cuz that’s the color of your testicles afterwards.

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Get to know me!


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The whole idea is to get to know the people you follow/follow you. It’s pretty cute and it’s easier to make friends when you see something you can relate too.

Name: Krystal

Nickname: Not too many people call me…

I promise I will do this as soon as I can!♡♡


These lovely ladies show off some of Myanmar’s most beautiful residents. Burmese Star Tortoises (Geochelone platynota) are listed as Critically Endangered and have become ecologically extinct in the wild. The Turtle Conservancy breeds more of these amazing animals than anyone else in the United States.