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Drunk In Love (Remix) - The Weeknd

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Its so prettyI wanna touch itI WANNA TOUCH IT

needless to say I didn’t show him my “eggroll”


My favorite thing about feminism is that you literally only have to say the word and BOOM done, men will literally prove your point FOR you

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she says,
“come here”,
and I do,
because even though
my hands are shaking like autumn leaves
and my blood is freezing in my veins like the curse of winter,
she is flowers in the spring,
she is the heat of summer,
she is the wind,
she is the sun.

she says,
“follow me”,
and I do,
because I could never let her walk away.
I would go to the ends of the earth before
I lost her.
Finding her was the luckiest I’ve ever been.
When people climb mountains,
or explore the bottom of the ocean,
she is what they’re looking for.

she says,
“kiss me”,
and I do,
because I was afraid of the dark but now
she is the light,
she is everything beautiful.
I am afraid of sin,
but she tastes like heaven,
her bones are relics,
her skin is holy.

she says,
“love me”,
and I do,
because the crescent of her smile is enough
to make the moon jealous,
her eyes could make the stars weep.
she finds things in me I never could have found on my own.

she says,
“love me”,
and I do,
because it’s impossible not to.

she says,
“love me”,
and I do.
God knows
I do.

Baby we need this!

Assurance colonies in Myanmar and abroad are the last hope for the Burmese Star Tortoise (Geochelone platynota). A species that is ecologically extinct in the wild. The Turtle Conservancy works diligently to protect this Critically Endangered Species, and our primary goal is to see them in the wild once again.